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Welcome to South Yorkshire Country Markets


Check your garden the bulbs are already breaking the surface as they think spring is on the way.  Christmas and the New Year already seem to be a distant memory, but the glimmer of lengthening days becomes a reality even as we face the cold winter days for a little while longer.  Easter in 2019 is a long way down the line this year and will bring a clutter of April/May bank holiday weekends.

January always springs our marmalade producers into action with the arrival of the new crop of Seville oranges - try some from you local market freshly made it is something more than you can buy off a supermarket shelf.

Whilst the period of Christmas leads people to look at healthier alternatives your local Market will have a range of home-made eatables to fit the bill as well as providing more robust food for a cold winter day.

Birthdays and other celebrations are year round and our Markets can provide a variety of hand crafted and hand made original gift ideas amongst a wide range of craft products which you can then complement with an appropriate and unique card.

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To keep track with what is in season click eattheseasons

Many of our Markets can provide products for specific diets.  In particular, SYCM have bakers who specialise on cooking with gluten free ingredients. They are here to help you.

Come and try us at our 5 South Yorkshire Country Markets where we offer

  • A unique Market experience
  • Reduced Food Miles
  • Helpful tips and advice.  Even special orders for our goods
  • A chance to support your local community and its crafts people
  • A great selection of wholesome, high quality, hand crafted and home-baked goods, from divine chocolate cakes to game pies
  • Seasonal food e.g. runner beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and courgettes, sprouting broccoli, Strawberry Jam in July, exotic and traditional chutneys
  • Help with grow your own.  We have a wide range of vegetable, herbaceous, bedding & herb plants when in season
  • Positive encouragement to recycle jam jars by returning them to us so that we can make gorgeous preserves



Refreshment Facilities

At most of our Country Markets, customers can also buy a cup of tea or coffee and chat to their friends.  People of all ages are our regular customers and they enjoy buying the produce and goods available from people they know and trust.  As a customer, you will always be welcomed by friendly local people. 

What customers have said about us:

"As a kitchen idiot I appreciate the professionals!”
"A marvellous community based project"
"Country Market browsing (is an) institution. We love the food and enjoy a bit of banter"
"Lovely atmosphere, wonderful food and fabulous plants"
"Coming on a Saturday morning is one of the highlights of my week.  Nice coffee, nice food"

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Become a Producer

Become a Producer

We are always looking for new Producers for the Markets.  If you are a gifted gardener, a creative crafts person or a keen cook and would like to test your entrepreneurial skills then get in touch and earn some cash!  It may be just what you are looking for, why don’t you call in and see us.

For more details click here

If you don't want to produce immediately, but are interested in becoming involved in our co-operative in other ways, our Markets are always looking for other Helpers.  This could involve assisting with the café, looking after our accounts, managing our marketing and/or website or just helping us set up.  Being a Helper also makes you a Member of our co-operative.



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Last updated: 26th January 2019